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Dark and Stormy
Gosling’s dark rum, ginger beer, lime juice

La Paloma
Blanco tequila, lime, grapefruit, soda

Gin Fizz
Gin, elderflower, soda, lime

Moscow Mule
Vodka, ginger beer, lime

Gin, Campari, Sweet Vermouth, orange



Firestone Flyjack IPA
Crisp and hazy, with hints of citrus and tropical fruit. A full-flavored hazy IPA, abv 4%

Sixpoint The Crisp
Bright pilsner malts meet noble hops character, abv 5.4%

Brooklyn Lager
Blend of citrus, grassy hops and light caramel malt, abv 5.2%

Peak Organic Seasonal IPA
New England craft brewed seasonal blend

Sweetwater 420 Extra Pale Ale
A tasty West Coast style Extra Pale Ale accentuated with a stimulating hop character, abv 5.7%

Brooklyn Oktoberfest
Classic Märzen style lager, abv 5.5%



Industrial Arts Wrench NEIPA $11
Lush & tropical, 16oz Can, abv 6.8%

Heineken $8
Pale lager, abv 5%

Guinness $9
Irish stout, 16oz Can, abv 4.2%

Firestone Union Jack $10
Aggressively-hopped West Coast-style IPA, abv 7.5%

Duvel $12
Belgian golden ale, abv 8.5%

Ommegang Witte $8
Traditional Belgian-style white ale , abv 5.2%

Corona $8
Mexican lager, 12oz Bottle, abv 4.6%

Amstel Light $8
Pale lager, abv 3.5%

Austin Eastciders Dry Cider $8
Hard apple cider, Original, abv 5%

Truly Hard Seltzer $8
Wildberry, abv 5%

White Claw $8
Mango / Grapefruit / Black Cherry, abv 5%

Miller Lite $7
American lager, abv 4.2%

Clausthaler $7
Non-alcoholic beer, abv 0.5%



Malbec, Chile $15 / $53

Cabernet Sauvignon, California $13 / $45

Sauvignon Blanc, California $15 / $53

Pinot Grigio, Italy $13 / $45

Rosé, California $15 / $53

Mionetto Prosecco Brute Split, Italy $14



Juice $5
Pineapple | Grapefruit | Cranberry | Orange

Saratoga Bottled Water $5
Still | Sparkling

Red Bull $6
Regular | Sugar Free

Ginger Beer $6

Sodas $5

*Tax Included

NOTE: Any lost or left behind items will be discarded or donated after 14 days. Please email with details of any such items.