13 Baap, Thesaurus Rex, Mendeleyev

April 13th, 2023 9pm   Stage 2


13 Baap


After recovering from a knifing on the subway in NYC, Brooklyn based musician and producer Prannay Sastry plays his first few shows as his Indian alter-ego, “13 Baap". 13 Baap (a tongue-in-cheek way of saying "Your Dad" in Hindi) was conceived by Prannay Sastry while studying at Berklee College of Music. The project took the institution by storm, with 13 Baap headlining every show he was a part of. Rolling Stone aptly describes his persona as: “campy” and “guaranteed to evoke laughs (or cringe, depending on the listener)”. His music is an ultra-modern combination of Bollywood inspired pop and rock which has been known to make audiences “dance like a bewdi” (drunk girl). 13 Baap will feature a selection of uber talented NYC musicians including jazz virtuoso/synthesis expert Alden Muller and ambient music psychonaut Urvashi Mahashabde.

Thesaurus Rex


Thesaurus Rex a Brooklyn-based conceptual indie rock project headed by mustachioed songwriter/artist/comedian, Calvin Rezen. After kicking around in the NYC indie scene as a solo artist, Rezen began collating songs featuring his signature pithy, literate sound to perform under the moniker “Thesaurus Rex.” He enlisted Cashel O'Malley, actor, writer and co-founder of angst-pop band Pulp Fever to play bass; BerkleeNYC classmate and Stratocaster virtuoso Varun Jhunjhunwalla to play lead guitar; psychedelic shoegaze drummer, Dan MacDonald, to turn the project into a full fledged rock group in the fall of 2022.



Mendeleyev is an inspirational Singer/Songwriter/Producer based in NYC. Set to be Ben Harper's opening act for his next North American tour. Appearing on Season 17 of The Voice on John Legend’s Team, his low booming voice got all 4 coaches to turn their chairs. With a diverse catalogue of feverous finger picking, mellow to manic melodies and lively, moving lyrical content, highly influenced by a variety of legends such as Richie Havens, Johnny cash, Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley, and John Mayer, he has a fresh and folky yet funky take on music. Fun and full of energy, there is no telling where Mendeleyev will be heading next…