A Million Sweethearts, Dogs On Main Street

April 9th, 2022 9:30pm   Stage 2


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A Million Sweethearts

A Million Sweethearts is a singer-songwriter driven rock band from Astoria, NY started in 2019 by singer-songwriter, Kevin Goldhahn. AMS's sound centers around Kevin's unique but reminiscent voice, channeling the likes of Dylan and Petty. Upbeat and heartbreaking, Kevin and the band provide original Americana with a modern Indie Rock inspiration.

The name A Million Sweethearts derives from the country western song, “I Don’t Want A Million Sweethearts”, written by Kevin's singing-cowboy country music star grandfather, Dick Thomas. A Million Sweethearts is composed of Queens local rock-scene veterans Dan Burke, Ryan Sniffen, David Letchinger, and Tim Cornish. A Million Sweethearts released their debut single, "Fortunes Left Behind" , in 2019 and released their first EP, "May the Day Shine", in Fall, 2020.

Dogs on Main Street

Dogs on Main Street (aka Mac Rowe) is a singer-songwriter focused, ensemble Indie-rock/Americana band from Philadelphia. The project began back in 2011 but has since taken new form with the release of Cadillac Motel, an all-new full length album. Blending vast soundscapes with the songwriting style of Springsteen and Dylan, Rowe has crafted with friend and co-producer Mike Wambolt a visceral and unrelenting barrage of memory, time, and, ultimately, hope lying somewhere beyond the most remote stretches of highway toward the unknown.

Joining Rowe is a ragtag crew of Philly hometown heroes including Mike Wambolt, Stephen Robbins, Bradford Bucknum, Nate Wissler, and Danny Grivjack. Cadillac Motel was released on January 14, 2022.