Aberdeen, Adam Neely’s Jazzschool

March 8th, 2022 8:30pm   Stage 2


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Aberdeen is a jazz / indie rock brass band based out of Brooklyn, NY. They create a wall of sound with soaring, horn-driven melodies, supported by a bed of distorted guitars and raucous drums. Brian Plautz is the primary songwriter in the band, along with Alex Conroy and Shubh Saran. The band, featuring saxophones, trombone, trumpet, two guitars, bass and drums never ceases to fill a room with energy. Aberdeen's 2019 debut album Downpour showcases their massive, one-of-a-kind sound, featuring Grammy Award-winning saxophonist Bob Reynolds (John Mayer, Snarky Puppy) and bassist Adam Neely, who hosts a 1 million+ subscriber music channel on YouTube. Demonstrated during Aberdeen's 2019 U.S. State Department tour to Central Asia, Aberdeen's music is about community; a large collective of musicians with the hope of sharing its music to audiences throughout the world.

Adam Neely’s Jazzschool


Adam Neely's Jazzschool is pop music for the 21st century. 7-string guitars, 808 kick drums and a massive jazz fusion horn section blend together in a thrilling and genre-defying mix of sound. Led by bassist and YouTuber Adam Neely (NPR, TED-X, SXSW, Ableton Loop), Adam Neely's Jazzschool features the talents of some of the best session instrumentalists and pop singers of the NYC scene. Spicy jazz pop for spicy people.