Agents of Mayhem

December 8th, 2021 9:30pm   Stage 2


Current New York City guidelines may restrict access to this event. Please visit our COVID-19 Information page for the most updated information.

Agents of Mayhem


Agents of Mayhem - a musical alliance coming from the brightest corners of the NYC live music scene, a consortium of influences from early soul, 60’s psychedelic funk to livetronica and dub explorations, featuring storied players firmly rooted in the New York area: Will Hanza (Escaper), Mark Rechler (Taz Band, Circus Mind), Seth Eisenstein (We Thee Funk), Brian Stollery (Bad Faces), Jeff Pollack (Crucial Experiment) and Oliver Burkat (We Thee Funk).

Calling Agents of Mayhem a rock 'n' roll band would not be false, however this would only be part of the story. Agents of Mayhem is a vehicle for fun, freedom and a uniquely old school sense of unhinged creativity, as grounded in American roots music as they are reaching for new stratospheric heights with their live improvisations.