Ahna Ell & Shayna Blass

October 11th, 2021 7pm   Stage


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Ahna Ell (The Rally Club)

Ahna Ell is on the road supporting her debut EP, “Everybody’s Gonna Let You Down.” After many albums and national tours with her bands Forlorn Strangers and The Rally Club, she self recorded a bedroom folk album and is releasing it with her first solo tour. The show is as vulnerable and intimate as the songs-- and leaves plenty of room for the ambling levity that comes hand in hand with sorrow. Birth, death, pancakes, heartache, Charles Manson, Pascal’s God shaped hole, and bad tinder dates: “Everybody’s Gonna Let You Down” smatters it all.

Shayna Blass

Shayna Blass is a curly haired singer, dancer, actress, iced coffee fanatic, lover of rompers and mascara, born & bred in Washington, DC, now living and working in New York City. She's also fond of funny, cool stuff, and dark chocolate so, at this point there's got to be one thing y'all have in common with her. She hosts a semi-monthly uptown live music + comedy show called Basement Social.