Aleksi Glick

July 20th, 2022 8:30pm   Stage 3


Aleksi Glick

When you play the most popular instrument in the world, having an “original” sound is a near- impossibility, but the young New York virtuoso Aleksi Glick has done just that.

As a member of a musical family, Aleksi has been exposed to virtually all styles of music since birth, from jazz to classical, folk to rock and a half dozen other stops in between some of those genres. He’s listened to everyone from Jimi Hendrix to John Scofield, Derek Trucks to Wes Montgomery. His guitar speaks an authoritative language and yet, there is a relaxed feeling and an inbred admiration of music’s many faces. The sound is warm, round and full, the phrasing is like a smooth-flowing brook, bubbling here, charging there, but always reflecting his basic understanding of what his instrument is about.

As any good New York artist does, Aleksi plays with the best and brightest across the creative landscape. From films to radio, pop to jazz, on tape or video, he maintains an ideal balance of adaptability and uniqueness. He’s played and/or or recorded with Snack Cat (The Funk-Soul band he leads), Roberta Flack, Jersey Boys, J Hoard, Bailen, the Broadway cast of Aladdin, The Seth Weaver Big Band, Bailen, Peter Bernstein, Sam Dillon, Paul Bollenback, Augie Haas, Benny Benack, Vic Juris, Mike Glick (his pops) plus dozens of regional and nationally known bands and artist. He has also worked with major labels and publishing companies including Warner Chappel, Warner Music, Ropadope, APM, EMI and Outside in Music.