March 6th, 2020 12am   Stage 1



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Almeria: a name that sounds like a whisper, to unpin the screams. Loaded with all their influences, electro, rock, pop, Zabeth and Manu make the duo a musical mirror, where each gives the best to see - and to hear - to trace a path between their two worlds and give birth to a new project.

Embroidery, lace: very little for them. Almeria is not a seamstress. What makes them vibrate is precision mechanics. Sand, chisel, enamel to offer a refined piece, which will marry his sisters in a perfect machine. Juggling between keyboards and guitars, the two accomplices offer a rich and precise sound, intermingling their voices to the rhythm of the marked beats.

Electro comes to offer its rhythmic clarity and industrial poetry to a mastered rock heritage. On the razor's edge, Almeria’s music is radiant minimalism, a mixture of joy and spleen.

Also on stage, the duo offers a complex but always light show, a synthesis of elegant music and generous energy. Their performance gives free rein to swaying and hopping movements: it’s very nice the intensity of the emotions, you still have to dance. So say, are you coming to see them soon?