Amanda Andrews

June 15th, 2023 6pm   Stage 1


Amanda Andrews is a singer-songwriter based in New York City. She has coined a new name for her genre of music called “Bedroom Pop” a blend of folk, alternative, and synth-pop genres.

At 25 years old, Amanda Andrews has been writing songs for 16 years and performing for 5. Taking inspiration from artists such as Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Taylor Swift, Maggie Rogers, and Stevie Nicks; Amanda writes from an almost autobiographical view of the world. Amanda aims to bring folk and alternative melodies and lyrics into her synth-pop based instrumentals.

Amanda’s debut album “Paint Me a Sunset” was released on December 16th 2022. The 14 song album is completely self produced, written, and recorded. She is set to release an EP later this year, another self produced project.