Anaïs, Imaginary Tricks, Dotia

April 9th, 2023 9:30pm   Stage 2




Anaïs Lund is a singer-songwriter from Southern California based in Brooklyn, NY. She is known for her warm vocals paired with her indie pop melodies.

Lund's love for music has been influenced by a unique blend of artists some of which you can hear in her songs.

Artists like Amy Winehouse, The Beatles, Lily Allen, and Sara Bareilles were some of her earliest inspirations.

Lund’s love for pop, jazz and indie rock work together and create a sound that is uniquely her own.

Imaginary Tricks


Brooklyn-based Imaginary Tricks has played in various idioms since its inception, but at its core is Mike Visser and Tim Talavera. With clear reference points that can be traced back to indie rock, jazz, and experimental, Visser takes his skills at arrangement and musicianship to levels that will certainly surprise long time followers of Visser’s work.
The addition of Pat Torres and Tim Talavera was key to the musical exploration on Watch It and was translated beautifully by the wizard and three time Grammy nominated Engineer and Producer Mike Tierney.



Dotia is soulful / indie-rock band from Brooklyn, NY. The band consists of songwriter Jamie McVicker on lead vocals and rhythm guitar.
Band manager Kat Belguendouz on vocals and percussive elements. Max Satow on lead guitar, Lexxie Mathis on bass, Jeremy Kauffman on keys and Madison Jonap on drums. McVicker is known for her raw live performance quality, and tries to inspire listeners by offering an unfiltered look into the inner world of her lyrics.