July 8th, 2023 9pm   Stage 1




“Soaked in Bud Light and regret,” Andorra is Kevin McCall, Jordan Petrellis, Michael Trycieckyj, and Dante DiLoreto. The band formed in 2010 in Philadelphia, PA and named themselves after the respective city suburb (not the country.)
The group self-produced and released their third studio album, "Family Tree." Philly Live writes "the album exists within a boundary-less space of heavy rock and basement blues. All songs on the full album are explorative, yet relate to each other in different ways, fully emphasizing that familial theme."

The Sophomore album, "What You Wanted, What You Got", was called "heavy in all the right places." The record is the group's “coming of age” story adjusting to new phases of life. It's a punchy guitar rock record for long drives through the suburbs, pre-games, and grown up mosh pits.