Andrew Sheron/ Seaside Pumpkins/ Oliver Myles Mashburn

April 15th, 2023 7pm   Stage


Andrew Sheron


Andrew Sheron is a genre-bending singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. His debut album “The Late Great Bloomer” was the first multitracked binaural album, made with novel audio technology during his time working at Princeton’s 3D3A laboratory. In collaboration with Alash Ensemble, he leads the Tuvagrass project, which blends American traditional musics with Tuvan folk. His recent series of albums “Live From Conveyor” was recorded live at his studio in Brooklyn. There are two volumes out already, and the third is on the way, heavily featuring his new fretless sustainer guitar. Recently, you would find him working at Conveyor with others such as Mike Sabath, Lau Noah and Chris Thile, and innovating in new areas such as the Linnstrument, a futuristic grid-based instrument, as well as in music theory with his concept of “The Color Tree”

Oliver Myles Mashburn


Oliver Myles Mashburn is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and visual artist based in Hudson, NY. Oliver began writing music as a young teenager in NYC, influenced by the local punk rock scene and mid-century blues musicians like Muddy Waters and R.L. Burnside, as well as the rockabilly twang of Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, and Johnny Cash.
Working with producer Jannek Zechner (Tony Visconti, David Bowie) and Swanky Tiger drummer/solo artist Clemens Grassmann, Oliver released his first single, "Ten White Horses," in September 2021, ahead of his debut album, JAWS OF OBLIVION, released on December 10th. Drawing sonic inspiration from country music, blues, and early rock n’ roll as well as employing lyrical themes concerning Earth’s current environmental crises, JAWS OF OBLIVION marks both a new chapter in Oliver's songcraft as well as a return to the initial foundations of his artistry.

Seaside Pumpkins


Seaside Pumpkins are a folk pop duo consisting of Jannek Zechner & Natalie Mack. These melody makers draw you into their world of warmth with sparkly storytelling and blissful tunes. What began as a series of musical prompts sent back and forth against the backdrop of the pandemic, turned into a musical collaboration that stretched over the course of many months in isolation. With both members tucked away near natural wonders- Natalie in Niagara Falls, and Jannek in Newport Beach- the pair experimented with sounds and sentiments coming from feelings of love and longing, gratitude and uncertainty, playfulness and lessons learned. Seaside Pumpkins warmly invite you into their heartfelt realm of song.