Andy Suzuki & The Method: The Father's Day Don't Call It A Comeback Show (Trio)

June 18th, 2022 9pm   Stage 3


Andy Suzuki & The Method


The dynamic, born-to-be frontman for Andy Suzuki & The Method is a study in contrasts. Andy Suzuki is a rocker with a soft center. Tattoo-covered with an Ivy degree. Half-Japanese, half-Jewish. He is an incredibly approachable, unapproachable modern rockstar who steps on stage like a prizefighter and steps off stage ready to hug strangers at the merch table.

Leading the Method, Suzuki's backing band, are Kozza Babumba (songwriter/percussionist) and Juny Mag (producer/keyboardist). No Andy Suzuki & The Method performance is without theatrics: jumping into the audience, mic-stand acrobatics, wailing electric guitars, explosive stomp, substantial funk, and a dash of gospel to round out the band's soulful approach to rock and roll.

Andy Suzuki & The Method has toured with Ringo Starr, Allen Stone, Samm Henshaw, Delta Rae, and Marc Broussard and has performed at SXSW, Voodoo Fest, CMJ, and The Rock Boat, among other major festivals. The band's electrifying live show has also led to a featured performance in a NYLottery TV commercial, a Ted Talk at the CIA Headquarters in Langley, VA, an in-store performance at the flagship Apple Store in Brooklyn, and a unique brand partnership with iconic NYC eyewear brand, Moscot.