Anjali Rose, Cøuntry, Sister Speak

July 31st, 2022 9:30pm   Stage 2


Anjali Rose

Anjali Rose siphons blocked channels of the restless mind through melodic characterizations of our human existence. With repurposed 7th chords, electronic textures and amassed live sounds of bugs, birds, industry, band practices and conversations Anjali paints musique concrete to backbone the chills and trance of her flavorful voice.


Cøuntry is a Sound Collective of Artists that were brought together by the Love of Music in all it’s Forms...

A Musical Visionary and true Devotee to the Craft, Row DaSilva has amassed a beautiful array of Kindred Spirits to help bring this project together; An incredible cast of Artists spanning around the globe, putting pieces of themselves into this, each with their own special magical powers...

Sister Speak (Duo)

Canadian born Sherri Anne is at the core of Sister Speak. Whether performing an electrifying full band show or a set of heartfelt acoustic arrangements, this Taylor Guitar sponsored artist has connected deeply with a diverse fan-base throughout the globe. In concert Sister Speak combines passionate Alt/Blues and a touch of world music. This summer Sister Speak tours Germany, USA and Canada in support of the new album Love For All. Catch the full band in Vermont and British Columbia August 2022! Whether performing solo or as a band, Sister Speak aims to share message-driven music and support the authentic expression of the woman’s voice.