April Cushman, Jennie Angel, Jenny Grace

March 26th, 2023 8pm   Stage 2


April Cushman

The passion and love for country music started at just the small age of five, for April. Growing up in church singing with the children's choir, "Key of G", she quickly picked up a sense of music being where her heart felt the most comfortable. Through grade school, April played in concert band and honors jazz band, excelling at flute, alto saxophone and guitar. April continues to excel with any stringed instrument, including mandolin, banjo and even non-stringed, such as piano. Her love for energetic, spirited country music has always been heavily influenced by some of her favorite artists including Brandi Carlisle, Miranda Lambert, Ashley McBryde, Caitlyn Smith, Liz Longley, and many more. She has opened for artists like Kip Moore, Rodney Atkins, Scotty McCreery, Lonestar, Chase Rice, Mitchell Tenpenny, Drake White, Michael Tyler, Ryan Upchurch, Sam Grow, Jake Owen and more.

Jennie Angel

Jennie was born in Augusta, GA and grew up being influenced by her parents love of Christian and Country music.

Jennie was nominated by the Josie Awards in Dollywood as “female rising star of the year” for modern country music and a songwriting achievement award for my new single “Move On”.

"I love old classic country music and my original songs sound more like that time in country music history."

Jennie went through high school playing music on flute, tuba, piano and guitar. She has been writing songs since she was 13 years old and in college she would play open mics and people loved her music. This encouraged Jennie to pursue music professionally and she has now released five original songs.​

In December 2021, Jennie signed with Perpetual Vibes Marketing and Management to guide her in her career.

Jennie has most recently been added as a member of the Academy of Country Music and will be attending the awards in March 2022! Check out her single on Spotify, it’s currently being played all over the world on independent and bigger radio stations (Froggy 100.3-Lake George,NY, WRWD,The Wolfe).

Jenny Grace

Akin to the wholesome Dolly Parton, with her classic voice, prolific storytelling, hard work and dedication Jenny Grace is making a name for herself in country music. Jenny is also not the typical girl with a guitar- she has a background as a combat veteran and brings a lot of grit to her music a la Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, with a modern Lana Del Ray melancholy.

Jenny’s 2022 “Ghost” single has been released to CMT TV network and The Country Network (TCN) and is now airing weekly. Ghost is also trending now at Texas country radio and is making its way toward a top 40 spot on the Texas radio charts. Jenny was just featured on the “Spotlight series” in Akron, OH with resounding applause for Ghost.

Jenny’s musical debut began in 2019 on WSM-AM (Grand Ole Opry Radio) with her interview with Devin O’Day. Jenny’s single “Lights Of Our Hometown” (written in 2020 with UK artist Danny McMahon was nominated as part of the 2022 “Album of The Year” at the British CMA’s.

“Ghost” has also been nominated in several categories at the European awards in Holland for their 2023 ceremony. Jenny is signed to Three13 Management in San Diego, CA and will be touring the US in 2023 and releasing more music.