Archer Violet, Ernesto Hex, Dameron

July 10th, 2022 9pm   Stage 2





Archer Violet


Four chaotic goods bringing you incendiary indie-dance-punk for all your yelling and crying needs.

Archer Violet consists of Gaby A, Gaby B, J.J. Alleyne, and Andrew Ramos. Drawing influence from St. Vincent, The Strokes, Coheed & Cambria, and My Chemical Romance, Archer Violet pushes the boundaries of contemporary alternative with jabbing, incendiary riffs and contemplative, gentle ballads which nod to old-school punk, jazz, and latin stylings. With all four members hailing from incredibly diverse cultural and musical backgrounds, Archer Violet as an outfit has evolved into a high octane tour-de-force both in the studio and on stage. They not only captivate their audience with lush musical nuance and striking stage presence, but also guide them on a track-by-track journey that explores both reality and fantasy; the fall of modern society, interpersonal and identity-based conflicts, and, of course, the apocalypse. The setlist of said journey remains introspective, alluring, and honest, which in turn establishes a special kind of intimacy between Archer Violet and the listener. Off stage, Archer Violet continues to pump out unhinged, visceral tracks that refuse to be constricted by an image or construct, or to conform to any status-quo. Archer Violet aims to lend a helping hand in bringing heart-thumping rock music back into the spotlight, one chaotic power ballad at a time.

Ernesto Hex


Brooklyn-based artist and producer Ernesto Hex’s music is a prime example of the interesting things that can develop when an artist fully embraces eclectic influences, but has a strong enough vision and musical personality to weave those disparate influences together to create a cohesive sound that’s more than just the sum of its parts.

As a kid growing up in the musical wonderland that was Europe in the ‘90s, Hex was a sponge soaking up some of the most creative and influential music ever made. In his early days, he cut his teeth on guitar driven rock ’n’ roll but ultimately found a muse in synths, samples, and electronics when he moved to New York City as an adult. Amid the city’s cultural diversity, vibrant arts communities, and the swift rhythm of life that’s shaped the stories of countless creatives, Hex found and honed his own musical identity -- one that mirrors the city as a fusion of far-removed elements to form a fantastically unique whole. Ernesto Hex’s music channels the adventurous side of the late great musical chameleon David Bowie, the undulating layers and textures of Radiohead’s best work, the festival-ready grooves and saccharine melodies of tropicalia and psych-rock, and the anthemic power of the Brit-rock titans that reigned supreme in his youth.


Dameron is a husband/wife electronic dance duo that combines retro-inspired indietronica pop with modern modular dance music. Rodgers Dameron and Leah Shaw let their music flow from bright and dark themes, while maintaining common threads of pulsing kicks, analog synthesizers, and multi-layered pop vocals.

Musical influences for Dameron span from jubilant dance music of CHVRCHES, Giorgio Moroder, Tears for Fears, Shalamar and Roosevelt; to brooding electronica of Gessafelstein, John Carpenter, Principleasure and Toxic Avenger. Dameron’s real life inspirations are vintage science fiction cinema and literature, seventies dance, and experimentation with synthesizers