Ari Voxx

August 17th, 2023 9pm   Stage 1


Ari Voxx

Ari Voxx is DC’s Dreamy Pop Princess. Well-versed in many different music worlds, she focuses on writing music that is eclectic and authentically her, transcending genres. Ari’s sound is heavily inspired by the moods and vibes of 80s/90s new-wave and pop artists, with influences ranging from Cocteau Twins, Kate Bush, and The Cure, to The Eurythmics, Soundgarden, and Imogen Heap.

As a Black, Queer, Female artist and mental health awareness advocate, Ari’s music is reflective of her diverse environment and experiences - themes like alienation, heartache, self-identity, and her struggles with anxiety and depression often occur in her songwriting. The kaleidoscopic lens through which she views her creations is often encapsulated by her dreamy, soft-glam aesthetic, and melancholic undertones.

Ari’s stage presence is powerful and commanding, yet delicate and ethereal, with vocals that soar, bend, and transport you into her hazy dreamland. When accompanied by her band, The Sad Lads, her sound becomes thoroughly reverbed and synth-driven. The Lads Ryan Boshart and Jegug Ih are synth kings, dedicated dudes; passionate princes. With ear-catching guitar melodies and thick, burgeoning basslines, Ryan and Jegug bring an element of shoegaze and synthpop, shaped by their diverse backgrounds in jazz, classical, punk, and disco.

A performance from Ari Voxx and The Sad Lads casts an encompassing nostalgic atmosphere over the listener. Expect to experience misty soundwaves propelled by pulsating beats, generously draped with precise, dynamic vocals.

Ari and her Lads are currently recording a full length album entitled “I’m OK, Please Stop Asking.” With stories of self-worth, depression, dreams, fantasies, and the exploration of the human condition, their debut LP will be released in the Summer of 2023.

“The songs penned by the self-described “sad dream queen” are gentle indie pop ditties with deceptive darkness below reverb-drenched guitar, jazzy rhythms and her warm, round vocal tones. They are heavy with lyrics about romance, nostalgia and ennui, and feelings of longing and not belonging.” – The Washington Post