Art Thief, We Used to Cut the Grass

November 21st, 2022 9:30pm   Stage 2


Art Thief


Originating from the lush backdrop of mountains that the Hudson Valley refers to as New Paltz, Art Thief is a Sci-Fi Rock and Roll band that puts entertainment over everything. Approaching music with the mindset that opposites attract, they bring a punk rock energy to the bandstand while honing it in with a respect for the language that jazz and popular music has brought to our ears. Or is it that they are bringing a jazz vocabulary to the bandstand, and honing that language in by bringing a punk rock energy to the stage? Regardless, Art Thief has a consistent goal of bringing the best party and listening experience they can to wherever they perform, while challenging themselves to push boundaries at every opportunity presented. Chronogram describes Art Thief as having an : “Impressive mastery of prog, fusion, and other genres aplenty, anchoring the group’s explorations into startlingly pop-song length compositions,” Bass Magazine gave Art Thief's most recent album, “Tough Crowd,” this description : “Combined with lyrics that are part Claypool, part science fiction, harmonies layered with color, and a James Brown enthusiasm, “Tough Crowd” is an instant earworm, and Art Thief is a musical force to be reckoned with.” And Ron English says : “It’s like a great stunt pilot is flying the plane. Art Thief has that rarest of things in art, a unique voice.” Who knows, maybe they're all wrong, but Art Thief thrives on living up to these descriptions and enlightening naysayers.

We Used to Cut the Grass


We Used to Cut the Grass is an experimental large ensemble from Asbury Park, New Jersey led by bassist Cody McCorry, featuring many members of progressive rock band Thank You Scientist. The 9-piece band typically includes a heavy brass section and two drum sets, performing an eclectic mix of original music and arrangements of everything from Igor Stravinsky to Britney Spears. The band is heavily inspired by the ethos of Frank Zappa, having done several tours of the composer's music with Zappa's long-time vocalist Ike Willis, but have now turned their attention to new music with the recent release of their first full length LP, "We Used to Cut the Grass #1."