Avanti Nagral w/ Nathan Farrell

September 7th, 2022 7pm   Stage 2


Avanti Nagral


Avanti Nagral is a pop singer & content creator on a mission to create songs that challenge societal norms. The singer draws inspiration from her background in Indian Classical, Broadway, and Gospel training while living in between Boston and Mumbai. She's creating coming-of-age empowerment pop. Welcome to the Quarter Life Crisis Tour.

Nathan Farrell


Nathan Farrell is a 23 year old vocalist and musician from the New York Metropolitan Area. He is an eclectic performer, drawing from an array of influences over time in pop, r&b, and jazz. Nathan effortlessly draws in audiences with his captivating energy and storytelling, sultry tone, impressive vocal agility, and a commitment to musicianship that is felt across the stage.