Ayden Skye

November 27th, 2021 9pm   Stage


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Ayden Skye


Once upon a time, there was a raspy-voiced doll from New York who secretly wanted to pursue music. She'd always been a writer -- studied English at NYU, taught literature for several years after, wrote screenplays that won stuff, the whole shebang -- but she was wary of songwriting after being told singing wasn’t her bag (on more than one occasion). Problem was, she loved it more than anything. AND, being the Queen of Nostalgia, she couldn't find many artists makin' the kind of music she wanted to hear most: cinematic rock n' roll with lyrics to kill. Luckily, as it turns out, love is more potent than fear. And so, here she is, makin' the past new again. Maybe she should have called herself History. But yeah....she stuck with Ayden Skye.