Azekel w/ Rilly Ril and Kem Kem (DJ)

August 29th, 2023 8pm   Stage 2




Azekel Adesuyi, known professionally as Azekel, is a British-Nigerian artist who is a true embodiment of creativity and innovation in the UK music scene. Breaking through with a distinctive sound that combines soul, R&B, electronic music, and his Nigerian roots, Azekel has been mesmerizing audiences since his debut.

Famed for his emotive lyricism and experimental production, Azekel's tracks traverse personal experiences and universal themes, delivered with a haunting and beautiful vocal style. His immersive, almost ethereal soundscapes are crafted from layered harmonies, pulsing beats and inventive sampling.

Azekel's independent spirit has led him to produce much of his music himself. His raw and honest approach to songwriting offers a fresh perspective in an industry often dominated by highly produced and polished pieces.

Having collaborated with the likes of Gorillaz and Massive Attack, Azekel's talent and unique sound have seen him gaining recognition on an international level. His visual EP series, "Raw, Vol. 1" and "Raw, Vol. 2", pushed the boundaries of the medium, demonstrating that Azekel is not just a musician, but a multidisciplinary artist.

An inspiring and groundbreaking artist, Azekel continues to push the boundaries of what contemporary UK music can be, confirming his place as one of the most exciting and innovative artists to emerge from the UK in recent years.

Rilly Ril


Singer - songwriter, RillyRil, brings an entirely new refreshing element to the entertainment industry by infusing her influences of Afrofuturism, hip-hop, culture, and spirituality into her craft. The Brooklyn native shows us the true art of being a mutli-faceted creator and curator through her artistic visions. She executes her work in the most innovative and impactful ways as she also highlights the complexities of being a GEN-Z individual in a digital world. Sending a message to empower her audience on a grand scale , Rilly has gained fans and supporters from across the globe and aims to inspire more people to feel seen and whole within themselves through her artistry. Using school as an avenue to find creative expression at an early age, the determined 23-year-old innovator has landed press and collaborative campaign deals with huge names such as MTV, VOGUE, CBS, ASOS UK, PUMA, Reebok, Converse, Adidas, TELFAR , and more. Her endless talents have also encouraged her to curate her own underground music festivals in hopes to shine light on other up-coming artists in her generation. As the young visionary continues to expand on her various talents she is determined to leave her mark through her presence which includes her music and projects.

Kem Kem (DJ)


Olukemi Lijadu is an artist and filmmaker. She is also known as a DJ and music producer KEM KEM, and has performed around the world under this moniker. Over the past years, her work has appeared at ICA London, Frieze, Mariane Ibrahim Chicago amongst other venues. She has toured and opened for artists such as Tems, Princess Nokia and Liv.E. Lijadu engages with sound as a transcendent conduit of memory and reconnection for the fractured African diaspora. A trained philosopher; she holds a masters degree in Philosophy from Stanford University. She lives and works in London.