Barbara Grizer & Matthew Liam

June 11th, 2022 5pm   Stage


Barbara Grizer and Matthew Liam


Barbara Grizer and Matthew Liam are a guitar based vocal duo which combine passionate vocal melodies with compelling, colorful guitar compositions that immediately invite any willing listener to become immersed in their emotional landscape.

With the release of their first album, Inclement Weather, they have created a memorable listen which travels easily through many different genres and eras of music.

Featuring Barbara’s stunning , crystal clear vocal delivery , blended with Matthew’s melodic, eclectic guitar style and vocal harmonies , they have created something truly special! In addition they have added several original guitar instrumentals showing off Barbara’s percussion skills and Matthew’s vision as a guitarist, composer.

Barbara Grizer’s exceptional vocal delivery and acumen have earned her a stellar reputation for her live performances in clubs , theater shows, dance halls, and intimate venues all over the world. Barbara has an unusually beautiful voice, which emanates with a color and hue all her own, while retaining a soft sense of power and intimate beauty. Not to be missed. Having collaborated with guitarist, composer, Matthew Liam O’Toole they have created a captivating , passionate sound which definitively crosses over into many different genres and styles of music!