Belaire's, The Breaks, David Russell Band

November 6th, 2022 7pm   Stage 2




Belaire’s” is an Alt-Pop band based in Astoria, New York. The lineup consists of Hans Garcia on Vocals, Shanne Garcia on Drums, Patrick Nitti on Guitar, Jordan Cappello on Guitar and Juan Calonzo on Bass. The band’s sound blends aspects of Blues, Soul and Pop music, with the atmospheric presence of New Wave Rock. The band’s discography continues to grow as the band has released 2 extended plays and 1 full-length album, the band’s sophomore album, titled "Mint." is set to release June 2021. After touring the United States and the Philippines, the band signed on to Island Records, a sub-label of MCA Universal Music Group for distribution. ‘Beautiful Boy’, the band’s first single off the long-awaited album was met with recognition, along with generous airplay, and was nominated for Best Rock Recording by the Awit Awards, a music award ceremony in the Philippines given annually by the Philippine Association of the Record Industry to recognize the outstanding achievements in the music industry.

The Breaks


The Breaks Inc. are a six-piece indie retro rock group. Their sound is along the lines of angry Weezer, or indie Beatles. The band lives together in a crummy apartment in Queens — the bass player doesn’t do dishes. The whole thing is very 1993. Expect high-energy stage antics and songs about people they don’t like. Melodic and upbeat with a dark vibe — like the Beach Boys if they were evil.

David Russell and The Gold Standard

New York City’s friendly neighborhood boy band. An autobiographical rock operatic experience in the quintessential four-piece fashion.