Believe in Ghost!, The Edukators

August 26th, 2022 9:15pm   Stage 2


The Edukators


The Edukators are a melodic indie four-piece hailing from the socialist utopia of Jackson Heights, Queens, featuring a powerhouse lead singer and some dudes. The band consists of singer/guitarist/lyricist Sophia Rothman (currently crushing it in her first year of college), drummer David Rothman (no relation) (ok, just kidding, he’s her dad), guitarist Eric Cimino, and bassist Dan Catalano. The band’s latest, addictively catchy EP, How to be Alone, is out now on Magic Door Recordings.

Believe In Ghost!


Meshing all of their influences, Believe In Ghost! invokes elements of punk, hip-hop, funk, rock n' roll, and pop to create a unique brand of music.

Predictably unpredictable, BIG! seamlessly blends sounds that feel, all-at-once, on the risk of derailing, incredibly contained, and instantly catchy.