BMI Acoustic Lounge

August 29th, 2023 8pm   Stage 1




Lark Lepage is a 21 year old Singer Songwriter born and bred in New York City. Raised by a writer and a rock critic she was surrounded by words and music from a very young age. As soon as she learned four chords she began writing songs and hasn’t stopped since. Her lyrics tell a story and her tuneful melodies and resounding choruses give old folksy sounds a new pop edge.

Willow Avalon


Willow Avalon grew up in a small farm town in rural Georgia, which boasted a population of just 100 residents. She spent her days fixing old cars and playing music in the Baptist church her family attended. At 15, she dropped out of high school and moved to LA with nothing but her guitar and the half-burnt, diesel Mercedes 300TD that got her there. In August of 2021, Avalon self-released her debut single “Drivin,” which was quickly put into regular rotation on LA’s NPR affiliate station, KCRW, and has since amassed over 3M streams globally. Avalon now lives in New York City, where she often goes viral on TikTok for her vintage style, eclectic apartment, and confessional songwriting.