BMI Acoustic Lounge feat. Bebe Stockwell, Jordan Armstrong

December 7th, 2022 8pm   Stage 1


Bebe Stockwell


Born and raised in Boston, Bebe Stockwell started writing songs and playing piano and guitar at the age of six. She was influenced by her guitar teacher, a bluegrass songwriter and guitarist in the band, Dela Mae. She’s a singer, songwriter, and producer. She now takes inspiration from artists like Regina Spektor and the Lumineers. Her music is now a satisfying blend of indie, folk, and pop. Her highly anticipated song “Love Me Back!” is out now!

Jordan Armstrong


On November 29th, 2019 Jordan Armstrong released her self-exposing, debut single “Bubble”. Announcing herself with honesty, authenticity, and her unique tone, the lyrics delve into the societal game of “perception versus reality” - something she herself played while growing up in a small town.

After spending her youth between the soccer field and basketball court. She shocked many with her decision to pursue a degree in songwriting after graduating high school. Although most didn’t know it, Jordan had been singing silly melodies and lyrics to herself since she discovered the ability to speak. Soon after that she began filling notebooks full of lyrics.

Her distinctive sound was shaped by her millennial cousins and siblings, who raised her on the hits of the Spice Girls, SClub7, Destiny’s Child, No Doubt, Mariah Carey, and so many more. As she grew up she fell hopelessly in love with music of the 70s. The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac spearheading the relationship. The blend of musical influences created a one-of-a-kind tone to Jordan’s music. She often describes herself as a Laurel Canyon girl at heart with a 90’s pop/y2k twist.

Jordan was born in November, 1999 on the South Shore of Massachusetts in a town with deep family roots. Her parents were raised in the same community and a large, extended family was always nearby. She often refers to her aunts, uncles and cousins as extra sets of parents and siblings. The youngest of three kids, she grew up trying to catch up quickly so she could hang with her older siblings and cousins. Her experience coming of age in such an environment reveals itself in almost every song she writes.

An overthinker by nature, Jordan’s music tends to delve into her inner workings and journey of self-discovery. Her time at Berklee College of Music helped her further grow her songwriting abilities. She studied pop music and it’s innerworkings, searching for the answer to the overwhelming question of “How do you write a hit?” The experience gave her more confidence and drive. She graduated a year early, poised to write her “hit” and introduce herself to the world.

This past spring a week after moving to Nashville, TN Jordan had a Grand Mal seizure in her sleep and was diagnosed with epilepsy. The diagnosis prompted her to move back to Boston to be closer to her support system and make use of her Charlie Card. Although not exactly how she planned for things to go, the diagnosis has only motivated her. She just reached 6 months seizure free and hopes to get back to Nashville soon to keep exploring her country sound.

Inspired by artists like Kacey Musgraves and Maren Morris, Jordan prides herself on keeping things authentic. Always open to the endless combinations of genres, she likes her writing world to be free of boundaries. But the one thing she never waivers on is keeping things honest. The best music comes from truths (maybe that’s the secret behind a hit).