Bright Brown + Glenn Echo

January 29th, 2020 7pm   Stage


Bright Brown

Bright Brown is sonic cinema. Bittersweet layers and textures abound, and beautifully crafted songs exist at the core. Alex Nahas’ songwriting boldly chooses to sit between the meager and the mundane, elevating the everyday.

"...Bright Brown bring an ideal soundtrack to the crisp, autumn air. ...Sounds range from sparse and repetitive like a piece for avant-garde dance to expansive and melodic like the theme from a western where everyone dies in the same pool of blood."
- The Deli NYC

"...brilliant songs, full of pathos and alienation, but sweetened with strong doses of optimism."
- Greg Howard,

“Like David Byrne after a hot bath...”
- Leah Siegel

“...Nahas' voice is heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time, the music layering over and under like sweet and sorrow...”

Glenn Echo

Glenn Echo is a musical project from Matt Gaydar, started in 2015. Based out of Brooklyn, NY, Glenn Echo has soaked up influences from past residencies, such as Nashville, TN and Northampton, MA, to weave together textures of folk, singer-songwriter, alternative and experimental music, and blues to cultivate a unique sound and performance. Glenn Echo inspires a soundscape, surfacing a mix of genres and noise collages, creating an intimate space, or atmosphere, for connection.