Bryan Dunn

February 21st, 2020 9pm   Stage 1


Celebrating Rockwood Music Hall’s 15-Year Anniversary!

Bryan Dunn

Bryan Dunn's gutsy roots rock sounds like your favorite faded denim: intimate, classic, love-worn & real. Combining the addictive hooks of the British Invasion, the storied swagger of Austin, Texas, & the plaintive soul of his Irish ancestry, Dunn's songs are instant earworms. His deft wordplay rewards multiple listens & his exuberant live shows compel even cooler-than-thou Brooklyn to let loose & dance like there's no tomorrow.

A fixture on the New York indie scene since 2006, when he placed second in Jezebel Music's Williamsburg Live Singer/Songwriter Contest, Bryan Dunn wins over fellow musicians & fans alike with his blistering sets & generous spirit. His new record "Sweetheart of the Music Hall," produced by Chris Cubeta of Galuminum Foil Studios, is his greatest outing yet. Featuring a number of sweethearts of downtown's beloved Rockwood Music Hall, the album bursts with local talent. Look for it in 2012.

"[R]eal clever, George Jones-worthy" --New York Music Daily

"Strongly influenced by the 60's musical invasion of The Beatles, it's almost impossible not to hear fragments of Lennon and McCartney in some of Dunn's work. With his passion for folk music burning bright, he fuses the two influences together making for a sound that's just irresistibly sweet." - Joel Crane, NME