Carmela Ramirez

January 22nd, 2020 8pm   Stage 2


Carmela Ramirez

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Since she was nine years old she get into the National System of Youth and Children's Orchestras of Venezuela and at the age of thirteen plays at the sol Major for Viola and Orchestra by George Tellemann`s concert in Room Jose Felix Rivas at the Teresa Carreno Theater. She`s admitted into the Latin American Chair of Viola under the wing of Master Santiago Garmendia and the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Caracas. In consideration of their ancestors family at age fifteen she begins to develop a self-taught in singing and folk music, to continue their education with teachers Maria Eugenia Atilano (composition) Magdalena Leon (voice)

Between 2010-2012 was part of different groups and musical ensembles as well as the training program from Simon Bolivar Big Band Jazz while studying composition at the Ars Nova academy . In 2013 she travels to Curitiba city in the framework of the 30 Office of Music, representing Venezuela with the Master Aquiles Baez. Between 2013 and 2015 had the opportunity to be part of different musical projects with musicians like the guitarist Juan Manuel Trujillo, (Fragment-Heroes Incognitos) Edward Ramirez (C4 trio) and pianist Gabriel Chakarji. With the master Alvaro Cordero (2014) works in the performing of the soundtrack for film "The Deserter", debut of filmmaker Raul Chamorro, participating as vocalist and instrumentalist. With the Aldemaro Romero's threesome, was invited as a singer and performer of the genre New Wave as part of the celebration of the Venezuelan week in Japan 2015 commemorating the life and work of the master Aldemaro Romero. In the same year, as guest vocalist in the third edition of the South American Music Festival in NYC with the threesome of teacher Aquiles Baez. With Gonzalo Grau and his Plural project as an instrumentalist and vocalist in the city of New York with musicians and artists such as Luisito Quintero, John Benitez Barbara Martinez and Tim Rise (The Rolling Stone) and in Venezuela as a guest with Simon Bolivar Big Jazz Band led by maestro Pablo Gil.

Ana Carmela Ramirez Contramaestre combines a solid academic musical training and practice singing and composition, conducting an inquiry of interesting genres and sounds, combining their training and performance with its project for a better future for children and youth in Venezuela.