October 26th, 2023 11:30pm   Stage 2




Chammeili’s (pronounced cha-may-lee) debut record “Icy Blue” is a colorful exploration of pastoral synth-folk, dream pop, and indie rock. From the mind of songwriter and vocalist Kaamya Sharma comes a collection of tracks that treads new ground for the band, expanding on the world of the her band’s 2021 EP “Necromancer.”

Written and recorded late 2021 and early 2022 against the backdrop of the East Bay, this record was conceived in the living rooms and basements of various band members, creating a sound that is lived-in and familiar. Lush acoustics, wandering synthesizers, and Sharma’s dreamlike vocals evoke dual feelings of comfort and uncertainty; “Icy Blue” sits comfortably in the middle of the two.

Kaamya now brings Chammeili to New York City.