Chloe Perrier & The French Heart Jazz Band Presents “American Divas in Paris”

June 29th, 2022 8:30pm   Stage


Chloe Perrier

Chloe Perrier & The French Heart Jazz Band presents “American Divas in Paris”. A celebration of the great American Jazz singers who were in love with Paris: Blossom Dearie, Eartha Kitt, Joséphine Baker & Helen Merrill.

After multiple sold out shows of “Gatsby in Paris”, and a new successful album “Petite Fleur” release sold out as well, Rockwood presents her new show “American Divas in Paris” featuring enchanting French singer Chloé Perrier and her great French Heart Jazz Band. This irresistible show is a mix of French chansons and American jazz standards from those great divas’ repertoire with a vintage Parisian touch.
The group is known for its reinvention of the old chestnut “My Heart Belongs to Daddy” as a bolero-tinged Twin Peaks theme, an obscure ’20s hot jazz tune that Perrier had found in a history book, and the classic “La Vie en Rose.”

Come to Rockwood Music Hall in New York City for a trip to Paris with all those great Divas.

Take your tickets now before it’s Sold out too!!!


"Her best asset, aside from surrounding herself with an elegant and understated band, is her ability to keep these delectable swing tunes light and fun instead of unnecessarily serious, thus preserving their natural brilliance.” Telerama sortir

"...Everything about her (Chloe Perrier) music is light and effortless - the lilting quality of her voice, her floating rhythm, and the effervescent playing of the band..." Will Friedwald (The City View)

"NYC based French chanteuse Chloe’ Perrier creates Left Bank moods with the sublime swing team of guitarist Aki Ishiguro, bassist Jim Robertson, drummer Rodrigo Recabarren, violinist caroline Bugala and woody clarinetist Jon Hunt..." George Harris (Jazz Weekly)

“When it comes to Chloe Perrier "She is like Hollywood Magic”. Chloe has the ability to take you back in time. Her spectacular stage performances, bring an era gone by back to vibrant life. Her silky velvety smooth voice not only hypnotises you it leaves you spellbound, begging for more…” Irresistibly Magazine

Chloe Perrier is the real deal. She takes the listener back to the 20s and 30s with her sublimely lyrical and melodic style... This is truly a remarkable work of art. LA Jazz scene

“Perrier …has simply a remarkable voice... In any phase, though, the voice sells you on the pure sound of it alone: smooth and natural, like a dreamy ending to an old black and white movie.” Miles Hurley

"Parisian Flair and Subtlety…Fantastic Band" Alan Young (New York Music Daily)