Christen Ball

April 2nd, 2023 3pm   Stage 1


Christen Ball

Christen Ball is a music artist, songwriter, and guitar player based in Nashville, TN. Her music explores themes of hope, faith, honesty, wisdom, hurt, and forgiveness. With influences like The Beatles, Radiohead, and The Moody Blues, Christen brings a “music as art” authenticity to her sound—a spectrum of Psychedelic Rock, Americana, and Brit-pop—all with an acoustic bend. Christen has shared her music throughout the US, England, Israel, India, Haiti, and China. She is married to Michael Ball (who is the drummer in her band).

Growing up playing guitar with her grandfather and piano with her mom, music was something Christen simply could not escape. She wrote her first song when she was four years old, and by the time she had graduated high school, she had written 300 songs. In more recent years, Christen made a living singing background vocals and playing acoustic guitar or keys for other artists on tour or in the studio before finally stepping out into being a full-time artist.

Her latest single, “Easy for You,” is about her personal experience of not only playing with, but running headfirst into the fire of unrequited love. In this situation, even though the fire of love originated from her, she was still hurt by it. But then, in a paradox, she also found a strange sense of healing as she made herself emotionally available to the point of desperation.