Claire-Frances Sullivan, Emily Whitlow, Taylor Chilton

February 3rd, 2023 9pm   Stage


Emily Whitlow, Taylor Chilton, and Claire-Frances Sullivan are three indie-pop singer/songwriters who are excited for their second triple-bill together! All three fall somewhere on the Phoebe Bridgers/Maggie Rogers sliding scale of sad-girl, but with varying folk-influences and different vocal styles. You can find Emily and CF on iTunes/Spotify/etc., and expect to see Taylor there soon! 

Taylor Chilton is a singer-songwriter based in Harlem NY. Influenced heavily by Radiohead, Phoebe Bridgers and Jeff Buckley their music is lyrically heavy and almost too personal to be appropriate. Though they’ve been writing for a long time this is the first year they’ve shared their music with an audience. Plans to record a first album are in the future, plans to cry on a citibike are imminent.

Claire-Frances Sullivan is an NYC-based singer-songwriter, performer, and writer originally from Michigan. Her background is in theater and her songs are influenced by this storytelling instinct. Her solo music is like if Regina Spektor played the guitar. You may have seen Claire-Frances around NYC as the keyboardist/background vocalist for the pop-punk band, good thoughts.

Emily Whitlow is a singer-songwriter from Nashville. You can catch Emily singing her music all over NYC. Stream her single, “Maybe”, on all platforms!

Emily Whitlow


Taylor Chilton


Claire-Frances Sullivan