Curious Volume

April 22nd, 2023 11pm   Stage 1


Curious Volume

Curious Volume formed in 2003 when Andrew Paladino, John Trotta, and Cole Rice wanted to start a band in their 6th grade class. Between 2006 and 2009, CV released a few EPs and built a strong local following in the Staten Island music scene, leading up to their 2010 debut album “Mumbles and Whispers”.

After numerous tours of the US, a handful of member changes, and sights set on a new album, Curious Volume changed their name to Everything Ever and released their follow-up album “Solid Ground” on a full US tour with Paper+Plastick’s The Mom’s. In 2016, just as they were about to release their EP “Island Livin’”, Everything Ever went on hiatus and the EP was quietly released under dNo’s (Andrew’s) moniker I Think Not.

Curious Volume briefly reunited for one show in 2018 at beloved local venue Dock Street’s 40th anniversary, and from there were inspired to work on new music. Now relaunched, armed with uber-talented utility member Brian Buchanan, and a new album nearly ready to go, Curious Volume will be epicking up where they left off: pushing the boundaries of alternative and punk.