D.Treut EP Release Show

January 5th, 2023 10pm   Stage

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‘Bigfoot Blues EP’ is the first of five EP’s D.Treut produced in his loft in 2019. It’s 4 tracks that are bound together by not only the personnel but the vibe of the session. He sought to capture the sound of a band in a room, raw and unpurified. He leads the trio through 4 tunes that cover delta blues, 90’s grunge anthems, a Beastie Boy funk groove and an ode to a day in the life of Billy Cobham. The unit of Chris Kyle on guitar, Nick Jozwiak on bass, D.Treut as both drummer and singer, earned their stripes in the clubs and warehouse parties of Williamsburg and Bushwick.

D. Treut's music is defined by unconventionality. He has explored the jazz improvisational, rock, and pop realms with equal vigor, extracting from each to create something original and undefinable. Classifying D. Treut's style as 'outsider music' is somewhat undervaluing, given the complex, intelligent musicality of the work. Yet, the moniker captures the non-conformist spirit of the music.

The music is high-concept, almost too conceptual for the casual listener, the music is defined by incongruity; D. Treut reveals an almost Harry Nilsson-esque pop sensibility, providing the listener with an uncommon accessibility (a departure for D. Treut who prefers to exist in the abstract). The listener is left with a surprising but gratifying experience. D. Treut, known for his experimental / jazz stylings, isn't pulling out all the stops here; only the relevant ones.

Chris Kyle - Guitar
Kurt Kotheimer - Bass
D. Treut - Drums and Vox