Dan Santos & Scott Bravo

March 7th, 2020 5pm   Stage 1


Dan Santos

Dan Santos is a New York City based singer/songwriter whose musical stylings are grounded by an overall acoustic guitar sound that incorporates the catchiness of pop punk, the melancholy of folk and the energy of hip hop, sometimes all at once. His songs are built on personal storytelling lyrics, versatile guitar playing and a knack for cross-genre music making. 
 His first release, the EP Cyan Blue debuted in early 2017, followed a year later by his first full-length effort, Sandantos., recorded with hard rock songwriter Kyle Germain. His work on these releases allowed for a cultivation of acoustic music that draws on the work of influences as varied as The RZA, blink-182 and Passenger. His latest material is displayed on his recent full-length release, Hey Listen! The album serves to showcase his cross-genre influence which, paired with wistful and introspective lyrics, combine to create a sound that is at once subtle and accessible. 
 In 2018, Santos was chosen as one of 24 artists out of over 350 applicants to perform in New York State’s Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Grassy Hill Showcase. He performs regularly on stages around the New York City area. He is currently recording new material, to be released in mid 2019.

Scott Bravo

Scott Bravo is an instrumental, acoustic guitarist currently calling NYC home. Since 2004 he has toured the country and recorded albums that mix all the elements of his influences. A little bluegrass mixed with rock n roll mixed with jazz chord changes played with the intensity of a "folkie" trying to start a revolution through music. Hovering somewhere between "flat" picker and "finger" picker (and due to a complete lack of any formal training) he's carved out his own unique style. If you're a fan of Tommy Emmanuel, Pierre Bensusan, Adrian Legg, Eddie Van Halen or Muriel Anderson check out Scott Danger Bravo.