Danielia Cotton

March 14th, 2022 9pm   Stage 2


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Danielia Cotton


J.W.Music has gotten so stingy. At its finest, it is the voice of the people, but for those who are searching for more than a beat and a hook, more often than not we’re left wanting; wondering if anyone has anything at all to say. Cue Danielia Cotton. Cotton is a gutsy artist with a story to tell and she is emerging again into the light fiercely and defiantly. She’s recycled all the blessing and pain in life into this beauty…she pours it out looking for a place to unload her sin. For Cotton, that’s always been the stage.
“…an honest-to-God voice with real power, conviction, emotion and soul.” – Boston Herald

Danielia Cotton embodies true artistry. With this new album, produced by Grammy winner Dave O’Donnell, she shines a light on deeply personal, and simultaneously systematic and pervasive issues that have plagued folks like her for an eternity. With the help of industry luminaries Charlie Drayton, Aaron Comess, Andy Hess, and Marc Coply, and Jeff Cohen, this expansive album will occupy every ounce of space she has carved out for it. She continues to evolve and challenge herself as a musician and it is evident in this collection of songs. Cotton’s creating music that spans time. It is prescient and relevant whilst likewise hearkening to the protest songs of the 60’s and 70’s. Cotton is music deeply rooted in yesterday and passionately and powerfully crafted for tomorrow. Her new record Good Day is out March 18th .