Danny Fishman

December 4th, 2022 7pm   Stage


Danny Fishman


“I could listen to 1,000 songwriters and not find one this good.”
-Ear to the Ground Music

Danny Fishman is a singer-songwriter from the one true home of the blues: Fairfield County, Connecticut. He resides there with his beautiful mom, lovely girlfriend, and crazy dog named Rusty. They have a pretty good thing going.

Danny released his first EP, What I Meant to Say, in 2018. It accumulated more listeners than he thought it would, clocking in at over 1.3 million streams to date. While that’s a drop in the proverbial Spotify bucket, he still enjoys thinking about how many people took the time out of their busy lives to connect with those songs.

In his sophomore release, Shatter and Fade, Danny shares stories about processing deep personal loss and ultimately finding acceptance as the rediscovery of hope. He hopes this music finds its way into anyone’s life who might need to hear it and makes them cry, but in a good way.

He has lots of great people in his life and feels very lucky to be alive.