David Alexander w/ Stephen Dawes

November 16th, 2022 9:30pm   Stage 2


David Alexander


David Alexander, the 19 year old singer-songwriter based in NYC, is a rising independent artist working to bring his stories to your ear holes. Inspired by artists like Clinton Kane, John Mayer, and The Band CAMINO, David’s music combines infectious pop melodies with heartfelt and powerful lyrics. He has already generated the beginnings of a strong following with 63K+ followers on TikTok and continues to build as more and more people connect with his honest writing. David discovered music at a young age, and grew up playing classical piano, but quickly moved over to the contemporary side when he discovered the guitar. After busking for a few years in Denver, Colorado, David started to write songs, and has since built a deep catalog of music that he is excited to share in the coming months.

Stephen Dawes