November 16th, 2023 8:30pm   Stage 2




NYC based LGBTQ recording artist J-LINE has garnered over 1 million streams, 2 million youtube views. With a synth electro-pop sound that mirrors the brightness of the late 80’s/early 90s, J-LINE makes the underground music scene feel alive again – with an electrifying twist.


Benjy Bradshaw:

Described as a “creative chameleon” and a “fierce musical force,” Benjy Bradshaw is the epitome of a DIY musician. Raised in a working-class suburb outside of Oakland, California, USA, his multi-ethnic background (Native American, Portuguese, English, Irish) and private Catholic school education ultimately contributed to his constant exploration of self.

Benjy became more aware of his creative impulses after living in the London, England queer nightlife scene (during a study abroad experience). He was so enthralled with big city life, that when Benjy graduated from university, he moved directly to NYC to study interactive art at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Two months after graduating, Benjy wrote his first official pop song, “Online Boy,” touching on the innovations and pitfalls of 21st century queer life. In the years following, Benjy found healing through privately creating his own electronic music.

Today, Benjy is ready to share all the sounds that he has made — inspired primarily by dance, house, and new wave music. He also loves to “art direct his life” — experimenting with photography, makeup, fashion, and design. Currently producing an unreleased catalogue of over 30 songs, Benjy does not fit the blueprint of a typical pop star, but proves that being a perfectly imperfect self-built artist is just as exciting.


Sunshyne and the Foxx:

Sunshyne + The Foxx is here to bring you the Epic Adventure Pop Music experience that will make you kick ball change right out of your seat! Savage production, fierce choreography, dynamic wardrobe, timeless originals + hot throwback covers. We’re giving you a taste of the rainbow: a multi genre, mind-bending, full serving of Pop with a generous helping of R&B/Soul.

A Superforce of Love.

“Human rainbow sunshine goodness” Mel Robbins, NY Times Best Seller + motivational speaker

“Full out n funkedelic” Jerry Mitchell, Tony Award Winner

“My favorite band!” The Rosé, RuPaul’s Drag Race


Ben Silby: