Dive Brake/ Whaley/ Dysfunktone

May 6th, 2023 9pm   Stage 2


Dive Brake


Three incredible jam driven bands converge on one stage to bring you the best of underground funk and progressive inspired rock the NYC metro area has to offer. Whaley combines classic sensibilities with modern flair in their funky driven rock tunes. Dive Brake is a heavier progressive leaning trio, with inspirations ranging from Santana to Dream Theater. Dysfunktone wraps the night up with groove heavy dance-able improv jams and complex composed tunes.

A Dive Brake is what they need. They’re in a tailspin from 10,000ft and the ejection seat is disabled. From casual jams between Nick Pascarella and Steve Remp, following the breakup of Gone Quite Mad, bred a fleet of original music meant mainly for their own entertainment. But after grabbing the attention of a longtime friend and collaborator, Dexter Larsen, a once innocuous temporicide launched into full blown ascent.

Distortion laden verses and enveloping choruses, the occasional Latin groove driven bridge, never ending tumults of guitar led melody; this isn’t music you listen to casually, it’s for when you want to be assaulted by sound. Calming interludes are interspersed, but don’t let your guard down. Live performances breed exploratory and excitement piquing improvisation as well as alternative approaches to various sections of their material.



After years of making a name for himself on Long Island in groups like Zestrove & GeoTribe, and touring with Vana Liya, Logan recorded & released his debut solo album during COVID shutdowns. Single “New Day” quickly became a favorite at live shows & Whaley has put their own touch on the live versions of many of these other songs.



Dysfunktone was formed in 2015, in a garage in East Rockaway, New York. What began from a shared interest in funky music, sushi, and noise complaints, evolved over time into a full-fledged progressive jam-funk outfit that pushes the boundaries of genre and sound as far as they possibly can. Dysfunktone is best known for their complex musical arrangements, huge dynamic changes at the drop of a dime, and ability to weave extended improvisational sequences into any song in their catalogue, as well as their unique interpretations of the music of their many various influences. With a strong desire to spread their Long Island sound, Dysfunktone has toured all over the Northeast; sharing the stage with artists such as Lespecial, Dirtwire, Magic Beans, Kitchen Dwellers, and many more.