January 26th, 2020 8pm   Stage 1



Dor Sagi is an Israeli-born vocalist based in Brooklyn, New York. She began her music education at the age of five when she studied classical piano. During those years she had experimented with saxophone and guitar but soon realized that her voice was her most powerful instrument.

In 2009, she started taking classical voice lessons and joined the “Moran Singers Ensemble” (Israel). With them, she performed many high profile national and international events, and eventually managed the ensemble during her last year there. In 2014 Dor joined the prestigious “Gary Bertini Israeli Choir”, directed by Ronen Borshevsky, where she participated in several co-productions with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by legendary Zubin Metta.

In 2015 Dor moved to New York to continue her academic studies at The New school for Jazz and Contemporary Music, after receiving a sizable scholarship from the school itself.

In 2016 she formed a vocal jazz band called “MATKOT” - a collaboration with Israeli composer Rami Bar-David. The band is performing in different jazz clubs around town. In 2017 Dor formed a new project called SAGE . The band is playing Dor's original music