Dorée, Spit/Kiss, Lea Naisberg

April 17th, 2022 7pm   Stage 2




Dorée is an artist from NYC whose music combines alternative, pop, jazz, and indie styles. She has been playing guitar and writing music since childhood and has picked up a handful of other instruments such as bass and drums. Studying songwriting at The New School, Dorée is in the process of creating a 12 track debut album which will be out in 2022.



Spawned in Brooklyn, and transformed from one bedroom studio to the next. E and T created their sound to showcase each-others dream-worthy-angel-made voices. Emphasizing detachment from strict binaries, and connecting them to the music that brings them both joy.

Lea Naisberg


Raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Lea Naisberg grew a passion for music by playing guitar and singing along to the Bossa Nova and Samba tunes she heard at home. Today she pays tributes to those early influences while integrating the sounds of NYC.