Dos En Uno

June 17th, 2023 10pm   Stage 1


Dos En Uno is Larry Dolan (guitar/vocals), Claudio Zantana (bass/vocals), Will Harp (lead guitar) and Gordy Sheer (drums). In 2019, Claudio Zantana, a founding member of 90s punk band Pegotes from Concepción, Chile, joined with Larry Dolan to form
Dos En Uno. The two had previously worked together in the band Critical Pricks (2015-2017).

With influences from Rockabilly and Punk to Grunge and Psychedelia, Dos En Uno create simple but edgy rock and roll that
harnesses the spirit of Generation X. Will Harp retired from music after his band, The Pranks, broke up in 2000. The fates and fortunes of the Bush era landed him a tour in Iraq. He returned with an interest in huddled cave dwelling and wanna-be computer hacking. He emerged years later with a sweet pedal-board and keen shredding skills.

In the previous century Gordy and Larry were teammates on the 1998 Olympic Luge Team in Nagano. Led by their team captain, Mojo Nixon, Gordy landed a silver medal in doubles and Larry landed an awesome picture with Herbie Hancock. Gordy played drums on Mojo’s team anthem Arctic Evel Kenivel. He has played in countless bands throughout New York since the early 90s. Larry played guitar in the obscure indie post-rock bands Resonator, Lack of... and Todd Larry Lloyd in the 90s and 2000s. He also scored the award winning independent documentary, Convento (2012) by NYC based director Jarred Alterman.