Drew Cole w/ special guest Pete Roth

April 24th, 2023 7pm   Stage


Drew Cole

A soulful vocalist with an extensive inventory of musical talents, Drew Cole, was born in Seattle, WA in the seminal days of grunge. He reached the glaring neon glow of Los Angeles via a quiet town in Connecticut. The singer-songwriter’s influences are as varied and eclectic as the states he has lived in. After his father introduced him to the guitar at age 11, Cole found early inspiration in The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and The Black Crowes. His vocal influences span decades of legendary front men, including Chris Robinson, Shannon Hoon, and more recently, John Mayer, James Bay, and Allen Stone. Cole’s love of soul, rock, and pop music shines through in his music. He describes every step of his musical journey as giving a piece of himself away, which he admits is both hard work and intimidating, but not without its rewards. “People make and share music for the same reason they procreate,” he says, “It feels good and there’s another part of you roaming the world…when people vibe with my music, it’s the best gift of all, and it gives me inspiration to keep writing.”