Dylan Dunlap

November 2nd, 2022 9pm   Stage 2


Dylan Dunlap

Dylan Dunlap projects pop in widescreen, soundtracking a heartfelt personal story with organic live soundscapes. His music has as much in common with a P.T. Anderson-style San Fernando Valley-set ensemble piece as it does with sonic inspirations in the spirit of Coldplay. The music finds him learning to understand a developmental condition, wrestling with mental health, speaking to estranged family, and navigating relationships. The Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and advocate holds nothing back lyrically or musically.

It’s also why he connects more than ever on this first wave of new music he’s releasing part of a bigger conceptualized project.

“Every song is from an uncomfortable mindset,” he admits. “It’s not necessarily what I want to talk about. However, I’m leaning into these subjects, I feel like I’m tapping into something special by going with my gut. I’ve never talked about my dad in this way. I’ve never talked about autism in this way. I’ve never talked about mental health in this way. I’ve never allowed myself to do this until now. I’m no longer waiting for the opportunity to tell my story; I’m providing myself with this opportunity on When You’re Feeling Blue.”

He was a music-obsessed kid in Los Angeles who constantly played piano. He left Berklee College of Music to busk in Burbank, CA. 2019’s Things I Can’t Explain EP yielded the fan favorite “If That’s Alright,” amassing 41 million Spotify streams and counting. The stand alone, one off released single, “Who Would Have Thought,” has reeled in 9.5 million Spotify streams. He maintained his momentum with the Soldier On EP [2021] and Stranger In My Head EP [2022].

“This is my life in these songs,” he leaves off. “You can suffer through hardships and turn them into a purpose. I hope I can show you it’s possible to help yourself. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that.”