E. W. Harris & Dale McPhail

March 12th, 2023 7pm   Stage

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E. W. Harris

E.W. Harris is an alt-folk singer/songwriter, producer, and artist based in Brooklyn, NY. A self-styled “Folktronicist'' and “Dystopian Romantic,” Harris combines sonic textures, memorable melodies, and powerful vocals to create music he calls “folk tunes from an (im)possible future.” Celebrating his third single release on Hanging Moon Records “Bonfire Love” (produced by Kia Eshghi) here on stage three, Harris will be performing with support from longtime friend and co-conspirator Dale McPhail

Dale McPhail

Dale McPhail is an anti-folk singer-songwriter, book publisher, and firefighter based in Glasgow, Scotland. On his debut tour of the US in support of his album McPhailure, McPhail uses songs as a way to express his experiences of everyday life as a firefighter, Glaswegian, and partner. He provides an energetic, funny, and relatable live performance every time he steps on stage and has been called the 'New Billy Connely.'