Eddy Lee Ryder

February 8th, 2020 3pm   Stage 1


Eddy Lee Ryder

Singer, songwriter and daredevil Eddy Lee Ryder (formerly Liz Brennan) creates surprise-filled songs infused with rock and pop that tell dramatic stories filtered through a slightly cracked lens. Proclaimed “demented pop,” her music is propelled by her charismatic voice that breathes fresh life into lyrics inspired by the intensity, struggle and grit of NYC and the bizarre worlds beyond. A ready, willing and able mistress of everything from murder ballads to love songs and upbeat party tunes, Eddy’s unconventional, theatrical approach to songwriting mingles contagious ‘70s good-time rock riffs and pop beats with complex poetry, layers that sparkle through her well-crafted recordings that invite audiences to explore her inner world; an apocalyptic dance party.

To date, she out an EP under her former moniker, Liz Brennan, as well as a series of singles, in collaboration with Kevin Killen best known for his work on Peter Gabriel’s So and the Grammy-award winning Blackstar record by David Bowie. Among her singles “The Party Song,” which takes a satirical look at party culture that, went viral exceeding 2M views due to a fake casting call to all available bachelor’s willing to dance in only a tuxedo top to her song.

Her new single, “Small Apartment”, embraces New York City life as she tells her story about nosey-neighbor, Roberta, who was notorious for her exaggerated complaints and constant eavesdropping. Eddy is also planning the release of her new E.P., “Expected To Fly”