Eeppi Ursin

March 4th, 2020 12am   Stage 1


Eeppi Ursin

Eeppi Ursin is an award-winning singer, songwriter and pianist with angelic voice and exceptional skill set expanding from top-class performance to writing music for various groups. Her stage presence is a unique combination of virtuoso as well as humor, warmth and style. Her recordings and performances as a singer vary from pop, jazz, dance, a cappella and children’s music.

Throughout her career she has enraptured audiences all around the world performing as a vocal soloist at prestigious venues with acclaimed artists like trumpeter Leroy Jones and Spirit of New Orleans, Vocal Ensemble Club For Five and UMO Jazz Orchestra, to name a few. Eeppi Ursin has also collaborated with renowned theatres and modern opera ensembles as a composer and arranger.

She has released three solo albums with praising reviews: Violet (Buckshotmusic 2005), Yellow Page Girl (Buckshotmusic 2009) and Jäljet (Luomusic 2017) which have followed by numerous radio hit-singles. Her original melodic pop combines catchy refrains, singer-songwriter tradition and jazzy flavours. In addition to her solo albums Eeppi appears on over 40 recordings of which five are platinum- or gold-selling albums.

In 2014 she was chosen to perform as the soloist at the President’s Independence Day Reception in her home country Finland. In 2001 she won the 1st prize of the Lady Summertime international jazz vocal competition. Eeppi Ursin works and lives in New York City.