The Eighty Six Seas & Elly Kace

June 6th, 2023 7pm   Stage 1


Elly Kace


Elly Kace’s music is anchored by her unshakable openness: her willingness to experience new things, embrace new perspectives, and adapt to difficult circumstances. An acclaimed and internationally renowned opera singer, she explored new sides of herself when she released her debut pop album in 2021’s Nothing I see means anything, a densely conceptual and boundary-pushing collection of songs that explored her meditative, introspective, and danceable side. But with her latest full-length, Object Permanence, her songs have become deeply personal and yearning. It’s the encapsulation of her ceaseless searching and her willingness to be pushed to new creative heights, all while excavating her grief and turning it into something healing and stunning.

The Eighty Six Seas

The Eighty Six Seas is the moniker of Brooklyn-based Nick Stevens who crafts sharp thematic folk pop in the vein of Belle and Sebastian, The Magnetic Fields and David Gray. Stevens' music has been hailed as "orchestrally-scored power-pop that glistens with optimism" (A&R Factory) and "has managed to completely innovate a sound within the indie pop genre" (We Write About Music).